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New Controllers

Are you looking to explore the other side of the VATSIM network as an air traffic controller (ATC)? Training to become an air traffic controllers takes patience and a certain amount of time before being certified as an S1 controller in your home vACC.

There are different ATC ratings within the network, each allowing you to control certain positions. Learning to become an ATC is fun and you're always learning while controlling. Before you start training as an air traffic controller, the first step is to make sure that you're a member of the VATSIM Middle East & North Africa division. You can follow instructions to do so on our Visit / Transfer page.

Controlling Client

Euroscope is the primary ATC client within the Middle East & North Africa.

Sector Files

All sector files within the Middle East & North Africa are available on the AeroNav website.

Division/vACC Communications

Discord is the primary communication hub for training, events, and coordination. You can join the VATMENA Discord through

New Members: Observer (OBS)

Choosing a vACC
Before you start your ATC training you need to select a vACC first. VATMENA currently have 8 active vACCs which you can check out in the menu on top of your screen. Once you have chosen a vACC send a ticket to membership and request to be assigned to the vACC of your choice.

Theory Training Phase
The theory part of the training will be done through the VATMENA Academy. You will be assigned a general theory exam at a division level and then a local procedure exam at a vACC level. Once completed you will then move on to practical sessions with your mentor.

Practical Training
Once you have completed your theory exams and have picked up a session with your mentor or instructor you will get one-on-one practical sessions at your vACC. These will make into account the theory material you have learnt. During your session you will go through over Euroscope and the local procedures within your aerodrome as well as general S1 competencies within your vACC. Once the mentor or instructor is happy with your performance you will be issued your S1 rating to your CID. This may take up to 48 hours.

OBS -> S1 Training Flow