Become a Controller

New Controllers

Are you looking to explore a new side of the VATSIM network by becoming an air traffic controller? VATMENA can help with that!

There are multiple ATC ratings within the network, each allowing you to control certain positions. As a new controller, you will start as an Observer (OBS) and start training towards becoming a Delivery/Ground Controller (S1). Before you start training as an air traffic controller, the first step is to make sure that you're a member of the VATSIM Middle East & North Africa division. You can follow instructions to do so on our Visit & Transfer page.


If you are not already a member of a VATMENA vACC, view the list of our vACCs  and submit a request in our Discord Server   to join the vACC in which you want to start training.

You will then need to complete all of the examinations assigned to you in the academy .  Once those are complete, you can start practical training with your vACC assigned mentor.



VATMENA and each of the vACCs operating within the division use Discord for communication. See the VATSIM Community   page for a list of servers.

Download Discord 

Controller Client

vACCs within VATMENA primarily use the Euroscope controller client.

Download Euroscope 

Sector Files

Sector files for the airspace covered by VATMENA can be found here.