Division Staff


Chris Marriott

Director, VATMENA1


Deputy Director, VATMENA2

ATC Department

Nadeem Zabaneh

ATC Department Director, VATMENA3

Please do not use the above email for data protection queries.

Rashid Raikhy

ATC Department Deputy Director, VATMENA31

Mubarak Ahmed

Operations Director, VATMENA32

Marketing Department

Ismail Hassan

Marketing Department Director, VATMENA4


Marketing Department Deputy Director, VATMENA41

Membership Department

Shahzin Shajid

Membership Department Director, VATMENA5

Abdulrahman Alamoodi

Membership Department Deputy Director, VATMENA51

Technical Department

Samuel Hepworth

Technical Department Director, VATMENA6

Andrew Ogden

Senior Infrastructure Admin, MENATECH1

Kirollos Nashaat

Developer, MENATECH3

Karim Nour

Infrastructure Admin, MENATECH

Tyler Donia

Developer, MENATECH

Liam Pickering

Developer, MENATECH

Hamza A

Developer, MENATECH

Keelan D

Developer, MENATECH

Strategy & Partnerships

Chriss Klosowski

Director of Strategy & Partnerships, VATMENA7


Nadeem Zabaneh

Data Protection Officer

The above email is for data protection enquiries only.