Visit & Transfer


Looking to stay in your current Division/vACC as a resident but interested in controlling in the Middle East and North Africa?

VATMENA host a range of vACCs offering visiting spaces for controllers interested in an adventure.

Every visitor is subject to both VATSIM's and VATMENA's Visiting Controller policy.

See section 9 of the VATMENA Membership Policy for details about visiting.


Fancy a change and want to become a resident of VATMENA?

See a list of our vACCs to find your new home.

Follow this list of steps to start your new journey.

1. Review Transfer Policies

All members wishing to transfer to one of our vACCs are subject to the following policies.

2. Initiate Division Transfer

If you are a part of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, then join our Discord   and submit a support ticket.

If you are not a member of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, a transfer request should be submitted on My VATSIM

3. vACC Assignment

Once your transfer to VATMENA has been finalized, you will need to request assignment to one of our vACCs via Discord

Upon approval of the request, you will receive a welcome introduction in response to your ticket that contains your chosen vACC's contact information.

4. Local Training

You can then contact your new vACC's Training Department to get started with your controller training.

Good luck, we hope to see you soon!